Top Places our Teens are at Online

With the rise of smart phones among teenagers, we have seen an increase over the last five years in students being online. Students are online regularly communicating with others and surfing the web. Anytime you have a question about something (whatever that may be), you can instantly figure out the answer with a smart phone. Social media has been on the rise as well. About 6-7 years ago, Myspace had this brilliant idea to allow you to connect online. Nearly every teenager was on it. It was considered “the thing” at the time. Then, facebook came along for teenagers, and … Continue reading Top Places our Teens are at Online

Music Review: Jonas Brothers- First Time

The Jonas Brothers are back on the scene with their new music video, “First Time” which released on July 18 and soared to well over a million views. The Jonas Brothers have been one of the few Disney stars to have not gone totally crazy when they get out of the Disney industry. They have released certain videos such as Camp Rock. These videos are extremely clean for today’s culture. The Jonas brothers have grown up in a church home and have claimed to be Christians. For this they have taken personal responsibility for being role models to the young … Continue reading Music Review: Jonas Brothers- First Time

Justin Timberlake’s Music Video (Tunnel Vision) Allowed to Stay on YouTube Despite Nudity

The moral standard of America is slowly decreasing. You-tube has had a standard to not allow nudity on any of their videos up until this. Justin Timberlake’s music videos have been a bit provocative, but his new music video entitled, “Tunnel Vision” has taken provocative to a whole new level. The music video was posted with full female nudity on YouTube. It was taken down, but then put back up with an agreement that you are about to encounter “explicit material.” The video received so many views that it was not worth taking it down for YouTube. Google says that … Continue reading Justin Timberlake’s Music Video (Tunnel Vision) Allowed to Stay on YouTube Despite Nudity

Book Suggestion: #Going Social

Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase the book, “Going Social” by Terrace Crawford. Terrace is a good friend of mine in student ministry, and you should totally connect with him. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to social media. He is a regular on facebook, twitter, and google+. He also is a great blogger, and shares some of the best stuff out there. Here is a little about the book from Terrace: “If ever there was a time to leverage media to reach people with the gospel of Christ it is now! The message of this book is … Continue reading Book Suggestion: #Going Social

Enter for a chance to win #Going Social by Terrace Crawford

Terrace Crawford is a good friend of mine. We have connected through social networking, and have built a relationship that way. Terrace is one of the best bloggers and profiles to follow on twitter. He knows what is going on and what is working with social media, and what is not working. He recently wrote a book entitled, “#Going Social.” The book released yesterday, and I encourage you to order it. I actually am still waiting on my copy to come in the mail, but I am convinced that he will not disappoint with this read. You can enter for a chance … Continue reading Enter for a chance to win #Going Social by Terrace Crawford