4 Myths about Student Ministry

There are so many myths regarding student ministry and student pastors. I wrote a post about the 5 myths of youth pastors. You can view the post here. This post is about the myths of student ministry. Student ministry has a stigma about it. I can remember when I first went into student ministry 7 years ago, Student Ministry is 100% FUN – Most people only notice the fun in youth ministry. They notice the amusement parks, the mission trips, the camps, the games, the activities, and the overnighters. One thing that rarely gets portrayed in student ministry is the … Continue reading 4 Myths about Student Ministry

Ways to Engage Young People in the Local Church

One major mistake churches make is not engaging the youth. This is one of the reasons college students are leaving the church. They do not feel engaged and involved in the ministry of the entire church. I think we recognize this truth, but we rarely discuss and write about how to change this. If your church is struggling to engage the young people of your church, this blog is for you. I want to share a few tips on how to engage the young people in your church. Create a regular youth service – This worked at a church that … Continue reading Ways to Engage Young People in the Local Church

How to Launch a Vision Night in your Student Ministry

By Mark Etheridge Perhaps you’re in a student ministry, and you sense your ministry needs more direction. I’m sure you’ve shared your heart with your students, but you’re not sure if they’re getting it, or you’re not sure how to get them more excited about what you’re doing. I would recommend doing something that I call a “Vision Night.” This night is designed to let your students what you’re all about as a ministry, and how that ministry DNA translates into real life. Here are a few tips to launch your ministry through a Vision Night: Be Prepared. This is … Continue reading How to Launch a Vision Night in your Student Ministry

7 ways for Pastors to Tell if They are in a Spiritual Rut

I am about to write a statement that to anyone that is not a pastor or a church leader will sound insane “Being a pastor is one of the easiest places to stop growing as a follower of Jesus.” Now, to the average church member and Christian, this sounds ridiculous. How can a person who is paid to lead others in their relationship with Jesus be in a place where it is easier to stop growing. Okay, it becomes easier when you stop to think that leading people is all that we do, and in many cases we focus so heavily … Continue reading 7 ways for Pastors to Tell if They are in a Spiritual Rut

5 Myths about Youth Pastors

I have been a full-time youth pastor for 7 years. I have also been a youth intern for 3 years before that. One thing that I have noticed is that youth pastors get a lot of the jokes. Some of them are pretty hilarious, but the majority of them are false. Here are the 5 greatest myths about youth pastors: Youth Pastors are on vacation when at camp and mission trips– I cannot tell you how many times I have actually taken a real vacation, and heard jokes, “weren’t you just on vacation at camp with the kids?” Look anytime … Continue reading 5 Myths about Youth Pastors

Leaving a Ministry You Love

If you have not read the blog recently, you may not be aware that I recently took a new position in Jacksonville, FL. You can read all about it by going here. As I made the decision, I went back and forth, because I would be leaving a place and people who I love! Now, if you are leaving a ministry or getting ready to leave a ministry under bad terms, still read this article, but know that this does not pertain to you. This is pertaining to those who are leaving a ministry when things are going well. For … Continue reading Leaving a Ministry You Love

Terrace Crawford Coaching Network Opportunity

Attn: Youth Pastors, I highly encourage you to check out what my friend Terrace Crawford is doing. He wants to coach 10 youth pastors. Here is some information from his blog regarding this opportunity- “I’m looking to come alongside of 10 (yes, only 10!) rookie youth pastors (who have been in the field for 5 years or less) over the next 5 months.  Numerous youth pastors have been through my network (from all over the United States) and have found this network to be not only affordable, but effective, in helping them be successful in their own Student Ministries. If … Continue reading Terrace Crawford Coaching Network Opportunity