Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders

Every leader understands the importance of recruiting and developing volunteers. It is not rocket science, but so few do this the right way. Why? I believe we recruit people, but not always the right people. Part of being a good leader is not only recruiting people, it is recruiting the right people. So, if we … Continue reading Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders


Ways To Keep Young People In Church After Graduation

In his previous post, Josh Evans discusses why young people leave. In this post, Josh writes about keeping the young adults and what every church can do to attract young adults.

Bursting The Bubble Of The Christian Sub-Culture

By: Mark Etheridge When you walk into a Christian bookstore, you've probably noticed all of the “Christian” merchandise the store offers. Perhaps you were even surprised at what all they did offer. As you make your way up and down the aisles, you will notice a variety of t-shirts, CDs, books, bumper stickers, or even … Continue reading Bursting The Bubble Of The Christian Sub-Culture

Terrace Crawford New Podcast is Live

PODCAST is LIVE:  The podcast will be available online at, via iTunes, and at!  Every Thursday there will be a new episode. PREMIERE EPISODE: This Week in Youth Ministry - Episode 1: How to Jump Start Your Parent Ministry, featuring Jeremy Lee, the founder of  Plus+ Tony Nolan, speaker on the WinterJam Tour, drops by … Continue reading Terrace Crawford New Podcast is Live

“This Week in Youth Ministry” – New Podcast Launches Thursday

My friend, Terrace Crawford is one of the best in the business when it comes to training those in youth ministry! He is still doing some awesome stuff and I want to share with you the newest awesome thing that Terrace has done. Terrace is launching a youth ministry podcast. The podcast will be entitled … Continue reading “This Week in Youth Ministry” – New Podcast Launches Thursday

4 Myths about Student Ministry

There are so many myths regarding student ministry and student pastors. I wrote a post about the 5 myths of youth pastors. You can view the post here. This post is about the myths of student ministry. Student ministry has a stigma about it. I can remember when I first went into student ministry 7 … Continue reading 4 Myths about Student Ministry

Freebie Friday: Laser Wars – How to Guide

I haven't shared much free stuff on the blog for a while, but my friend Mark Etheridge did a laser wars how to guide, and I needed to share it with you. The resource is a how to guide to host a laser tag event at your church. Download the how to guide by going … Continue reading Freebie Friday: Laser Wars – How to Guide