Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders

Every leader understands the importance of recruiting and developing volunteers. It is not rocket science, but so few do this the right way. Why? I believe we recruit people, but not always the right people. Part of being a good leader is not only recruiting people, it is recruiting the right people. So, if weContinue reading “Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders”

5 Regrets I Have From My Years in Youth Ministry

As you know, my position has changed and evolved quite a bit over the last 2 months. I accepted a family pastor position after serving as a student pastor for 7 years. This was a very difficult decision. It was tough for my wife and I, but we are confident that this was the planContinue reading “5 Regrets I Have From My Years in Youth Ministry”

Signs of an Effective Small Group

Can you believe March is already here? It is insane how fast 2014 is flying by. In our student ministry, we begin small groups for the year in August when the school year starts for our students. We then conclude them in May, and do not have small groups over the summer. Throughout the year,Continue reading “Signs of an Effective Small Group”

How to Handle Criticism in Youth Ministry

If you have been in youth ministry for any length of time, you have had to deal with criticism. In fact, if you have been in any kind of ministry for any length of time, you have dealt with criticism. I wish that I did not have to write this, but criticism comes with theContinue reading “How to Handle Criticism in Youth Ministry”

Ways to Encourage Youth Leaders

All youth leaders need encouragement. Sure, many are humble and would never admit it, but deep down, everyone needs encouragement. This is something that many youth pastors fail to do (myself included). We forget that the ministry actually rises and falls on our youth leaders in many cases, not the youth pastor. The youth leadersContinue reading “Ways to Encourage Youth Leaders”