5 Apps Every Parent Should be Aware of

                  I was helping a friend of mine move into their house the other day, and we had to take the legs off of their couch, because they would not fit through the door. Someone pulled out their phone to use their flashlight, but the joke wasContinue reading “5 Apps Every Parent Should be Aware of”

The Top 5 Music Videos that Students watched this week

I believe the most dangerous pollution to a student’s mind is the music industry, and they are at it again. Music is a safe haven for most people. Most people love music. Adults all of the way down to the kids love music. I know that my 19 month old daughter loves music, and mostContinue reading “The Top 5 Music Videos that Students watched this week”

Parent Tips for handling their student’s social media accounts

Social media has become the top way students interact and communicate with each other and to the world! It is the easiest place to share exactly the way that they are feeling within seconds. I bet if you were to poll the average youth group, over 60% (probably higher) would say that they use facebookContinue reading “Parent Tips for handling their student’s social media accounts”

3 Costly Teenage Risky Behaviors

This is a guest post from Jonathan McKee. “Are today’s teenagers engaging in more risky behaviors than before? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually produces a bi-annual report that looks for these answers, analyzing teenage risky behaviors like sexual activity, smoking, drinking, fighting, driving without seatbelts, etc. Last week their brand new report withContinue reading “3 Costly Teenage Risky Behaviors”