Disney Kids Show Features Lesbian Couple

The Disney hit show, “Good Luck Charlie” announced last summer that it would feature an episode featuring a lesbian couple. The show aired this past Sunday night. In the show, the parents of the little girl (Charlie) set up a play date with one of her friends. Her friend just so happened to have two mothers. What is shocking is the kid friendly influence of the show. It is for kids, but yet the show has seemingly made homosexuality the normal lifestyle for the upcoming generation. Miley Cyrus is arguably the largest Disney star who starred in her role on … Continue reading Disney Kids Show Features Lesbian Couple

2014 Grammy’s Review for Parents

Last night’s Grammy Awards show was a mirror into the future of our culture. Granted, youth culture bloggers always tend to say things such as this, but it was true. Music plays an important part in our culture. Everyone loves music..okay, not everyone, but most people. We all like different genre’s of music, but music in general is something that all of us enjoy. For many, it is an outlet. For others, it is entertainment. Last night, the biggest stage in the music industry took place: The GRAMMYS. I tuned in for a few minutes here and there to check … Continue reading 2014 Grammy’s Review for Parents

Music Review: Jonas Brothers- First Time

The Jonas Brothers are back on the scene with their new music video, “First Time” which released on July 18 and soared to well over a million views. The Jonas Brothers have been one of the few Disney stars to have not gone totally crazy when they get out of the Disney industry. They have released certain videos such as Camp Rock. These videos are extremely clean for today’s culture. The Jonas brothers have grown up in a church home and have claimed to be Christians. For this they have taken personal responsibility for being role models to the young … Continue reading Music Review: Jonas Brothers- First Time

Justin Timberlake’s Music Video (Tunnel Vision) Allowed to Stay on YouTube Despite Nudity

The moral standard of America is slowly decreasing. You-tube has had a standard to not allow nudity on any of their videos up until this. Justin Timberlake’s music videos have been a bit provocative, but his new music video entitled, “Tunnel Vision” has taken provocative to a whole new level. The music video was posted with full female nudity on YouTube. It was taken down, but then put back up with an agreement that you are about to encounter “explicit material.” The video received so many views that it was not worth taking it down for YouTube. Google says that … Continue reading Justin Timberlake’s Music Video (Tunnel Vision) Allowed to Stay on YouTube Despite Nudity

Music Review- “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus

I try to stay up to date with pop culture so I can be informed on what the average teenager is into these days. I am a bit behind, and doing some catch up on some of the top hits that have gone viral recently. One of those is the new music video, “We can’t stop” by Miley Cyrus. If you are like me, I immediately think of Miley Cyrus from the top kids show, Hannah Montana. She seemed innocent in those days, and had moral values that she tried to hold too. Since Hannah Montana has gone off the … Continue reading Music Review- “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus

App Review: Instagram

Okay, I am way behind if we are just now reviewing Instagram. I am not going to review instagram as a whole, but I want to look at their recent update. A few weeks ago, Instagram updated their app to allow video. Instagram has grown to be the most popular app on the market for taking photos. This was also the top app for students taking pictures as well. The new Vine app has risen as the top app for videos over the last 6 months. Students everywhere are regularly using Vine to capture short videos. Instagram had to play … Continue reading App Review: Instagram

5 Apps Every Parent Should be Aware of

                  I was helping a friend of mine move into their house the other day, and we had to take the legs off of their couch, because they would not fit through the door. Someone pulled out their phone to use their flashlight, but the joke was “do you have an app for taking the legs off of the couch.” (You had to have been there, I guess). Apps are a part of our culture. When apps first started getting popular, they were only on a few phones. Now, most phones, tablets, … Continue reading 5 Apps Every Parent Should be Aware of