Working From Home Without Losing Your Mind

7 weeks ago, everything changed! Schools went virtual. Most work places went virtual. Restaurants closed. Stores closed. Life kind of shut down, and we began to realize that everything we have been told could not be remotely done is now having to be remotely done. I like most of you began working from my homeContinue reading “Working From Home Without Losing Your Mind”

3 Benefits to Building Leaders instead of Buying Leaders

Every growing church must ask themselves as they expand: Should we hire from the outside or the inside? I believe that in many cases, building is better than buying. In other words, hire and develop within your church rather than hiring outside of your church. Now, some positions are entirely fine for hiring, but IContinue reading “3 Benefits to Building Leaders instead of Buying Leaders”

Making the Most of Your Christmas Break

I have never looked forward to Christmas as much as I have this year. I am unsure at why, but I believe I am looking forward to the break! I love Christmas break, and I am looking forward to doing exactly that. Taking a break. Ministry is busy. Ministry is demanding. If we are notContinue reading “Making the Most of Your Christmas Break”