Featured Resource- Transfer Live

Have you ever desired for practical training for your youth leaders to take place, but do not have the budget to take them to some mega conference? I know I have. Training is something that is lacking in our youth leaders. We create these teams of really cool leaders who care for students, but many … Continue reading Featured Resource- Transfer Live

WOL Camp Update #4

It is Thursday here at camp. Well, it is Thursday back home as well, but you know what I mean! Thursday for camp means the next to the last day of camp. 😦 This is the day that we begin to pack and prepare for home with the hope that the next day and a … Continue reading WOL Camp Update #4

International Teens Involved Results

International Teens Involved (ITI) is a program sponsored by Word of Life to help train students to develop their gifts and abilities for the church and the Lord's glory. Union Grove has been involved in Teens Involved (no pun intended) for many years. It has been a great ministry and we have seen the Lord … Continue reading International Teens Involved Results

WOL Camp Update #3

Good afternoon! It is Tuesday afternoon, and I am sitting here reflecting on camp and what God has already done. Many of us leaders have said that this has already been one of our best years of camp. First off, we have a great group! The group has gone with the flow through everything, and … Continue reading WOL Camp Update #3

WOL Camp Update #2

Its Monday evening here in Florida! It's raining, and we had to leave the pool so I figured that I would throw down a blog post. It has been an entire day since I have updated you do you must be dying for an update. Let me fill you in what is going on. We … Continue reading WOL Camp Update #2

WOL Camp Update #1

Good Sunday morning everybody! Josh here giving you all an update on Word of Life Camp. What an amazing week it has already been. It started with us leaving at 1 am on Friday morning. We drove through the night (12 hours) without breaking down! Anytime you are in a church bus, that is always … Continue reading WOL Camp Update #1