Free Webinar: Inside the Teenage Brain

I have taken a bit of a break with blogging. I have not blogged all week which is unusual for me. I have totally forgotten to share with you the free webinar that my friend, Jeremy, is sponsoring. Jeremy works over at which is becoming a hub for parents of teenagers to go and get trainingContinue reading “Free Webinar: Inside the Teenage Brain”

Ministering to Parents Webinar with Jim Burns is offering a FREE webinar to help assist student pastors in ministering with parents on January 24th at 10:00 am. The webinar will be completely free and hosted by Parent Ministry. The speaker for the webinar is Jim Burns. This is a great offer that you will want to be a part of. YouContinue reading “Ministering to Parents Webinar with Jim Burns”

The Funnel Principle For Campus Ministry

Student Leadership University is doing an online FREE webinar to help those who are serving in student ministry. The webinar is entitled, “Think Bigger.” This has been a fantastic webinar. The webinar will post a new video pertaining to student ministry, and it will be FREE online for a week, and then they publish anotherContinue reading “The Funnel Principle For Campus Ministry”

Free Youth Leader Webinar- Think Bigger

Just heard about this webinar that you need to be involved in! Student Leadership University will be hosting a 4 week webinar entitled, “Think Bigger.” This series is designed to equip youth leaders to challenge youth to go beyond the status quo and live in their full and God-inspired potential. During the sessions our network of youth experts andContinue reading “Free Youth Leader Webinar- Think Bigger”