3 Things Every Volunteer Wants Answered

So you want to attract and engage more volunteers? Of course you do, who wouldn’t? We all want volunteers, but so many leaders struggle with recruiting, keeping, and leading volunteers. Why? Here are a few reasons that I have seen: Unclear expectations Overwork No team chemistry Lack of purpose Unclear on ramps We all want more volunteers to serve with us, and I think answering the main questions that volunteers are asking will help you land volunteers as well as keep them for the long haul. So, what questions do volunteers have? Here are the top four questions that all … Continue reading 3 Things Every Volunteer Wants Answered

Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Have you ever hit a wall in your volunteer numbers? You grew the amount of people engaged through serving and then eventually you hit a wall and could not grow it further with your current structure in place. There are seasons you go through where your volunteer engagement is much higher than other seasons. It is just the nature of church life. Oftentimes, our strategy of growing the volunteer number is based on opportunity. This is a nice strategy but it should not be your end game. For example, when we moved from one service to two services, we had … Continue reading Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

We have all been there on Monday morning. You know you had tons of first time guests, because you met many of them. The problem though is you have no cards for the guests. Which means you have no contact information. Which means you cannot follow up with them. This is frustrating! So, how can we prevent this from happening? Here are four ways to better capture guests when they come onto your campus: 1. Have a welcome tent When our church bought a welcome tent that had our church’s name on it, our guest capture immediately went up. We … Continue reading 4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

4 Values Of Every Connections Team Member At Our Church

Craig Groeschel said recently in a podcast that culture eats strategy for breakfast. If this is true, and I believe every successful organization would say yes, then what should our culture be like? What values should our organization or church hold to so that we have a good culture? Every church has different things that make them who they are, and I want to unveil the curtain of the church that I am a part of. So, here are four values of the connections team (hospitality team): 1. Everything Speaks One value that we communicate to every connections team member … Continue reading 4 Values Of Every Connections Team Member At Our Church

4 Questions Every New Volunteer Wants Answered

One of the most exciting things for a church is adding volunteers. In fact, every great church is adding volunteers regularly. This is a sign of growth, and your volunteer number dictates to a degree the health of the church. If you are not regularly adding new volunteers, it could be a sign of the lack of health in your church. When you add a new volunteer, you cannot just throw them into the fire without instruction. If someone wants to serve in an area as simple as a “greeter” – they want to know a few things before their … Continue reading 4 Questions Every New Volunteer Wants Answered