How to obtain a God sized Vision for your Church

Continuing to update and grow your vision is one of the most difficult tasks that leaders face. Leaders are called to lead people to carry out the vision that they have. Vision is important? Why? People are attracted to organizations that have purpose. People follow vision driven people. Bottom line, if you want followers, you must have a vision. You must have a dream for where you are taking the organization that you are leading. So, where does this vision come from? Where do the dreams come from, and how can you obtain the God sized dreams and vision for … Continue reading How to obtain a God sized Vision for your Church

5 Important Purposes of Student Ministry

I love to get together with other student pastor’s to discuss student ministry. Some people can discuss sports for hours, and I can discuss student ministry for hours. Okay, I can discuss sports for hours as well. We get together to discuss problems, strategies, ideas, and vision, and what we need to remind ourselves so often is that all of the answers to these questions should reflect our purpose. Your strategy cannot change a person’s life, but if your purpose is right, it can change their life! Now, strategies are important, and we would be foolish to think that they … Continue reading 5 Important Purposes of Student Ministry