Making the Most of Your Christmas Break

I have never looked forward to Christmas as much as I have this year. I am unsure at why, but I believe I am looking forward to the break! I love Christmas break, and I am looking forward to doing exactly that. Taking a break. Ministry is busy. Ministry is demanding. If we are notContinue reading “Making the Most of Your Christmas Break”

The Importance of Vacation in Ministry

Vacations are necessary in any occupation especially ministry. I recommend that any family try to have a vacation each year to get away regardless of the occupation that they are involved in. I was recently able to take a family vacation. it came at a perfect time in that I needed a break from theContinue reading “The Importance of Vacation in Ministry”

5 Ways to have a successful student ministry this summer

If you are like me, one thing is consuming your mind over the last couple of months, SUMMER! I am always worried of students being gone, and our attendance going way down. I am worried about leaders on vacation. Also, scheduling is a nightmare it seems like. How can we have a successful student ministryContinue reading “5 Ways to have a successful student ministry this summer”