Get Connected- Grove Weekly Newsletter

Good Morning! Hey guys, I hope that this email finds you doing well. We are in the middle of a crazy buys time in the Grove, and we want to make sure that you are informed and aware of the happenings in our youth ministry. I want to encourage you that if you ever have any questions about what is going on in the youth ministry, please let me know. Here’s what the Grove has coming up: Our Featured Event: This week’s featured event is the “A’MAZE’INGLY Scary Night! This is a huge outreach that we do every other year. The … Continue reading Get Connected- Grove Weekly Newsletter

Events Without Purpose

I finished reading the book, “Twisdom” by Matt Lawson. This is a recent book that was published by Group publishing through Simply Youth Ministry. Matt puts together many practical thoughts for student ministry and leadership that he has gained over the years through twitter. He regularly uses the hash-tags, #stumin, #youthmin, #studentministry, and #uthmin. This is a must read for all those in student ministry. In his book, Matt gave some great thoughts about events in student ministry that really opened my eyes about a few things. In student ministry, it is easy to get used to doing games and events … Continue reading Events Without Purpose

Get Connected- Friday Grove Newsletter

Good Morning! Josh here just sending you a quick update on the Grove! I hope that this email finds you doing well! I want to say “thanks” to all of the parents who were able to come out this past week to “Parent Night @ The Grove.” We had over 50% of our parents there which was awesome. It was the highest parent night/meeting that we have ever had. If you were unable to attend, I will be sending out some information via email. Also, you need a student registration packet that we gave out this past week. It contains … Continue reading Get Connected- Friday Grove Newsletter