Dealing with Disrespect in Student Ministry

Have you ever felt disrespected in student ministry? Oh you haven’t? Well, then you are a liar. Disrespect is something that goes with the territory of being in student ministry. By the way, if you think I think all skateboarders are disrespectful because of the photo, you are correct. Just kidding, I cannot stay on a skateboard to save my life so I actually respect them. n a perfect world, disrespect wouldn’t happen, but remember, we live in a fallen world so disrespect is a heart issue that our students have. When it happens though, how do we handle this? This is something that … Continue reading Dealing with Disrespect in Student Ministry

Guest Post: 10 Things Healthy Youth Pastors Do

As of late—- I have really been thinking about what a healthy youth ministry looks like. I get to work alongside many youth pastors so I get a sneak peek into their youth ministry systems and programs.  I bump up against a lot of healthy and unhealthy youth ministries.  Over the past 2 years, I have been jotting down notes while identifying key patterns that reflect healthy habits youth pastor do. When I say “healthy youth pastor” I am not talking about the actual physical health and well being of the youth pastor (which still is really important — you can read … Continue reading Guest Post: 10 Things Healthy Youth Pastors Do

Orange Conference Ticket FREE giveaways

I love attending conferences. I do not get to attend very often, but when I do, it is always a very refreshing time, training time, connecting time, and restful time. I love going to conferences to receive training about leadership and student ministry. One conference that I have never been too, but I would love to go someday is the Orange Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to share a couple of different ways that you can register to receive a FREE ticket to the Orange Conference: Here are some important details about the Orange Conference: Date: April 25-27, 2012 … Continue reading Orange Conference Ticket FREE giveaways