Intentional Student Ministry

If there is one word that I am trying to define our student ministry, it is the word, intentional. I looked the word up in the dictionary, and the definition is extremely simple. It means, “Done on purpose.” I want what we do in student ministry to be done on purpose. Have you ever heardContinue reading “Intentional Student Ministry”

Thoughts on taking your student ministry to the next level

One common conversation that student pastors have regularly is what we can personally do to take things to a new level. Here are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself to move to the next level of student ministry! Seek God’s Will more – So often in student ministry, we are focusedContinue reading “Thoughts on taking your student ministry to the next level”

Freebie Friday: Complete Discipleship Volunteer Training Guide

Today, we are giving away a free complete discipleship volunteer training guide! This is something that is extremely practical for your student ministry or other leadership position. This freebie is brought to you by seventy8productions. Download the material HERE! Here is a little bit about their ministry: “seventy8 Productions is a partnership of Technology andContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Complete Discipleship Volunteer Training Guide”

Guest Post: 3 Things that don’t matter to your students & 3 that do

Great Guest post today that challenged me tremendously by Geoff Stewart on 3 things that don’t matter to your students and 3 things that do matter to them: Recently I have been reminded about a painful truth about ministry life and the pastor sub-culture that each of us is a part of whether we likeContinue reading “Guest Post: 3 Things that don’t matter to your students & 3 that do”

3 Part Student Ministry Philosophy

Philosophy is extremely important to student ministry. Now, before we get into seeing what a student ministry’s philosophy is all about, we must understand what philosophy is. It in essence is a set of views and theories of a philosopher. That set of views or philosophy will drive what that philosopher does, because it is at the core of whyContinue reading “3 Part Student Ministry Philosophy”