Thursday Small Group Leader Reminders

Small Group Leaders, I just want all small group leaders to know that you were on my mind this morning (in a non-awkward way) so I figured that I would write a quick post to you. Here are 4 simple things that you must do each week to make sure that your small group hasContinue reading “Thursday Small Group Leader Reminders”

Leaders: Make Sure Your Students Know These 5 Things

Small group leaders are essential to effective student ministry. As the ministry grows, the youth pastor begins to rely more and more heavily on small group leaders. Students naturally want to open up, but it takes time and relationship building from their small group leader. For the students to experience the most growth, they mustContinue reading “Leaders: Make Sure Your Students Know These 5 Things”

Top Places our Teens are at Online

With the rise of smart phones among teenagers, we have seen an increase over the last five years in students being online. Students are online regularly communicating with others and surfing the web. Anytime you have a question about something (whatever that may be), you can instantly figure out the answer with a smart phone.Continue reading “Top Places our Teens are at Online”

Parenting Review: Grand Theft Auto V

If you have a teenager in your house who enjoys video games, you know that this was a HUGE week in the gaming business. On Tuesday (September 17), Rockstar games released “Grand Theft Auto V.” This has been a desired game for some time, and the release date had many on the edge of theirContinue reading “Parenting Review: Grand Theft Auto V”

Social Media Guidelines for Parents

Students today know nothing but social media. It is honestly a part of who they are. Social media is totally okay, but like everything else, the devil wishes to corrupt it. For parents, monitoring it can be a nightmare. Students have cell phones earlier in life. They have access to their social media accounts allContinue reading “Social Media Guidelines for Parents”