Things I want Every Student to Know

Here are a few things that I want all of my students to graduate out of our youth group knowing: Students should have a good knowledge of the Bible– I want my students to have an understanding of most of the Bible. They should know the Gospel, they should know theology, they should know howContinue reading “Things I want Every Student to Know”

5 Apps Every Parent Should be Aware of

                  I was helping a friend of mine move into their house the other day, and we had to take the legs off of their couch, because they would not fit through the door. Someone pulled out their phone to use their flashlight, but the joke wasContinue reading “5 Apps Every Parent Should be Aware of”

Dealing with Disrespect in Student Ministry

Have you ever felt disrespected in student ministry? Oh you haven’t? Well, then you are a liar. Disrespect is something that goes with the territory of being in student ministry. By the way, if you think I think all skateboarders are disrespectful because of the photo, you are correct. Just kidding, I cannot stay on a skateboard to saveContinue reading “Dealing with Disrespect in Student Ministry”

5 Things to Help Your Students Stay Committed for Events

Have you ever felt so encouraged by a large amount of students signing up for events, but then when the event finally arrives, only half of them show up? You go from super encouraged to super discouraged in the matter of minutes! Why does this happen? Well, first of all, it seems that the commitment level hasContinue reading “5 Things to Help Your Students Stay Committed for Events”

[Guest Post] Manners: A Vital Part of our Student Ministry Curriculum

“One of the most important aspects to a balanced and thriving student ministry is having an intentional scope and sequence to your curriculum.  We must be intentional with what we teach and to use the limited amount of time we have with our students well.  And while many of you are thoughtful about your teachingContinue reading “[Guest Post] Manners: A Vital Part of our Student Ministry Curriculum”