4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

By: Mark Etheridge The teaching ministry of a student pastor is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of student ministry. Not only are student pastors planning events, meeting with students, working with parents and volunteers, or just doing anything else that comes up, most are responsible for teaching the Bible anywhere from 1-3 times a week. It becomes easy to neglect this ministry, or take shortcuts because it consumes time and energy, but this does not negate the responsibility God has called us to faithfully teach God’s Word to God’s students. With this, I believe one of the … Continue reading 4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

5 Things about your Sermons

One of the primary responsibilities of being a youth pastor is teaching. We teach a lot, and must develop our speaking. I have grown to love studying and teaching as much now than ever before. I do not consider myself a great speaker, but I am trying to improve my speaking to be the most effective for the Gospel’s sake that I possibly can be.   Here are 5 things that I am learning about the sermons that I preach:    Your sermons must be Passionate– Are you passionate about what you are speaking about? If not, do not expect … Continue reading 5 Things about your Sermons

A Strategy for Sermon Development

Below is a guest post from my friend, Blake Appleby. This guest post challenged me as a speaker, and I felt compelled to share it with you today.  “I heard a preacher once say, “Your messages are best cooked in a crock pot, not a microwave.” I cannot disagree with this statement. I believe the more time we spend marinating in the text, the more our passion will build and the more effective we will be. It also provides ample time to gather clear thoughts. With that being said, I strive to be twelve weeks ahead.  Now, I’m not saying that I have twelve weeks … Continue reading A Strategy for Sermon Development