Top Summer Games for Youth Ministry

If there is one thing that I struggle with is planning games. I try to delegate games as much as possible so it is not my responsibility, and I can blame someone else if things go horribly wrong 🙂 Well, I feel that if things are working, I better share to the ones who struggle planningContinue reading “Top Summer Games for Youth Ministry”

[Guest Post] Why Summer Activities Matter by Josh Griffin

We are closing in on the end of summer, and school will be starting up real soon! I wanted to share a post with you today that comes from my friend, Josh Griffin on his blog Josh Griffin has been in youth ministry for 16+ years in 1 small church and 1 big church. HeContinue reading “[Guest Post] Why Summer Activities Matter by Josh Griffin”

5 Ways to have a successful student ministry this summer

If you are like me, one thing is consuming your mind over the last couple of months, SUMMER! I am always worried of students being gone, and our attendance going way down. I am worried about leaders on vacation. Also, scheduling is a nightmare it seems like. How can we have a successful student ministryContinue reading “5 Ways to have a successful student ministry this summer”