4 Myths about Student Ministry

There are so many myths regarding student ministry and student pastors. I wrote a post about the 5 myths of youth pastors. You can view the post here. This post is about the myths of student ministry. Student ministry has a stigma about it. I can remember when I first went into student ministry 7 years ago, Student Ministry is 100% FUN – Most people only notice the fun in youth ministry. They notice the amusement parks, the mission trips, the camps, the games, the activities, and the overnighters. One thing that rarely gets portrayed in student ministry is the … Continue reading 4 Myths about Student Ministry

Freebie Friday: Laser Wars – How to Guide

I haven’t shared much free stuff on the blog for a while, but my friend Mark Etheridge did a laser wars how to guide, and I needed to share it with you. The resource is a how to guide to host a laser tag event at your church. Download the how to guide by going here.    Share below what you thought of the laser tag event. Mark Etheridge currently serves as Youth Pastor at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Pittsboro, NC. He is also enrolled at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in their Master of Divinity program in Christian ministry. You … Continue reading Freebie Friday: Laser Wars – How to Guide

Tips on Searching for a Youth Pastor Position

By: David Sheldon I believe that every person should do something that they love, and for me, that’s being a youth pastor. As a youth pastor, I work with some of the most incredible teens on the planet and love every minute of it. Well, most minutes of it. Sure, it involves a lot of late nights, exhausting trips, and random conversations about video games, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When you watch a large portion of your group having a consistent quiet time with God, and they text you to ask what you, their pastor, needs … Continue reading Tips on Searching for a Youth Pastor Position

Practical Ways to Connect with Parents in Student Ministry

By: Mark Etheridge The more I’m a part of student ministry; the more I realize the need to connect with the parents of my students. The emphasis on working with parents in student ministry is a recent trend, and I believe it is both healthy and biblical. When it comes to parent ministry, I believe there are two major objectives: Informing and Equipping. But then question that arises, “What does this look like in actual ministry?” This is a question I’ve wrestled with as a student pastor, and I would like to provide a few ways to help you connect … Continue reading Practical Ways to Connect with Parents in Student Ministry

4 Levels of Events in Student Ministry

By: Mark Etheridge When it comes to events in student ministry, it can be a challenge to plan and structure a purpose for what you want to accomplish. When you’re driving in a car, it’s not enough to know where you’re going, but you also have to know how you’re going to get there. I hope to provide a grid that will help you develop a roadmap for events in your student ministry. This grid was first introduced to me by one of my college professors, Dr. Richard Brown, a youth ministry professor at Liberty University, and I have adapted … Continue reading 4 Levels of Events in Student Ministry

Ground Zero Training Event with Marty Von

Below is information about a counseling conference from my friend, Reba Bowman. I highly encourage anyone in ministry to try to attend this conference if possible to acquire some practical training from some proven counselors. I also would encourage you to consider bringing a few team members that help you in your specific ministry to the conference to get training.  For several years pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, and many others in leadership positions among the church have been discussing the growing need for biblical counselors. There are many among the local body of believers who need help as they navigate … Continue reading Ground Zero Training Event with Marty Von

4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

By: Mark Etheridge The teaching ministry of a student pastor is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of student ministry. Not only are student pastors planning events, meeting with students, working with parents and volunteers, or just doing anything else that comes up, most are responsible for teaching the Bible anywhere from 1-3 times a week. It becomes easy to neglect this ministry, or take shortcuts because it consumes time and energy, but this does not negate the responsibility God has called us to faithfully teach God’s Word to God’s students. With this, I believe one of the … Continue reading 4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series