Impact Resources

Looking for resources for your student ministry? How about some new fresh curriculum or solid books that may help your ministry out? Impact resources is a ministry through student leadership university.Student Leadership University has been for year’s training youth leaders to develop student leaders in our youth groups to reach other students in their prospective communities. This resource page is a great way to purchase curriculum, books, Bibles, and apparel. I highly encourage what my friends over at Student Leadership University are doing. When you are there, make sure you check out the Youth Pastor Summit as well as the … Continue reading Impact Resources

The Funnel Principle For Campus Ministry

Student Leadership University is doing an online FREE webinar to help those who are serving in student ministry. The webinar is entitled, “Think Bigger.” This has been a fantastic webinar. The webinar will post a new video pertaining to student ministry, and it will be FREE online for a week, and then they publish another one for you to check out. This week’s webinar is by Matt Lawson entitled, “The Funnel Principle for Campus Ministry.” This was a fantastic webinar on getting on your local high school’s campus. I wanted to share it with you today, and I encourage you … Continue reading The Funnel Principle For Campus Ministry

Free Youth Leader Webinar- Think Bigger

Just heard about this webinar that you need to be involved in! Student Leadership University will be hosting a 4 week webinar entitled, “Think Bigger.” This series is designed to equip youth leaders to challenge youth to go beyond the status quo and live in their full and God-inspired potential. During the sessions our network of youth experts and world-class speakers will offer insight into the strengths, weaknesses and needs of today’s youth, give practical advice on how to challenge your students to think bigger and provide resources to help you lead in a new way. The series launches Monday with Jay Strack’s webinar on “Managing Present Demands … Continue reading Free Youth Leader Webinar- Think Bigger