Things I wish that I had of known when I started in Student Ministry

As I grow in our student ministry, there are many things that I am learning now that I did not know when I started out. Here are several things that I wish that I had of known when I started out in student ministry: It is important to have Parent-Involvement– When I began youth ministry,Continue reading “Things I wish that I had of known when I started in Student Ministry”

5 Things Student Leaders Must Understand

One area of focus in our student ministry this year is developing our student leadership team. Last year, we suffered because we did not do this, and it showed. We did not have much leadership for the students. This year, I truly believe that the sky is the limit to what God can do inContinue reading “5 Things Student Leaders Must Understand”

Student Leadership Promo Vid

We are relaunching our student leadership team next year, and God has assembled quite an awesome team of students to serve on it this year. I am excited to be able to invest in these and watch them lead our student ministry through influence! Here is a quick promo video that we did for theContinue reading “Student Leadership Promo Vid”

Free ebook: Student Leaders are Church Leaders

My friends over at “Leader Treks” have provided a great free resource for you. It is an e-book entitled, “Student Leaders are Church Leaders.” It provides great insight on students being a part of the local church! This is something that we all struggle with, but is something that we must actively be pursuing. TheContinue reading “Free ebook: Student Leaders are Church Leaders”

[Guest Post] 3 Ways to Destroy Student Leaders

We are revamping our student leadership program, and I asked Mitch Miller to write a guest post about student leadership. This is a very interesting and challenging post. Check it out: 1. Use Them.¬†Youth Pastors always feel pressure to make their program fun and cool for the kids. Yes, we want to preach the gospel,Continue reading “[Guest Post] 3 Ways to Destroy Student Leaders”