Ways to get students to pay more attention during your sermon

When you speak, you notice so much. I can speak and see students texting, laughing, doodling on paper, and then the ones who are bored out of their mind. We see so much. Well, we can complain about how they are not right with God if they are not willing to pay attention, or we … Continue reading Ways to get students to pay more attention during your sermon

5 Things about your Sermons

One of the primary responsibilities of being a youth pastor is teaching. We teach a lot, and must develop our speaking. I have grown to love studying and teaching as much now than ever before. I do not consider myself a great speaker, but I am trying to improve my speaking to be the most … Continue reading 5 Things about your Sermons

Book Giveaway- “Speaking to Teenagers”

  My friend, Tom Shriver blogs regularly about student ministry at tomshriver.com. Tom is giving away the book, "Speaking to Teenagers" by Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins. I encourage you to stop by his blog to enter for your chance to win. The contest ends Tuesday!! I have personally never read the book, but I … Continue reading Book Giveaway- “Speaking to Teenagers”

A Strategy for Sermon Development

Below is a guest post from my friend, Blake Appleby. This guest post challenged me as a speaker, and I felt compelled to share it with you today.  "I heard a preacher once say, “Your messages are best cooked in a crock pot, not a microwave.” I cannot disagree with this statement. I believe the more time we spend … Continue reading A Strategy for Sermon Development

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Lose a Teen’s attention

Quick post—the top ten ways to completely bore and disconnect with those you teach: 1. Say something not worth hearing—This is basic, but if you want people to listen, start by saying something worth hearing. The number one reason we lose the attention of those we teach is that we’re not convincing them that what we … Continue reading Guest Post: 10 Ways to Lose a Teen’s attention