5 Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on churches and their online presence. Earlier this week, I blogged about why your church needs an online presence. Go check it out here. We all admit we need an online presence, but how do we get one and keep one? Or better yet, how do we have an effective online presence? Now in the second part of this two-part blog post, I want to address ways to increase your online presence. Post Consistently – It is not good for your organization or church if your last post happened weeks or … Continue reading 5 Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs An Online Presence

Your church has a vision (at least I hope they do). If you cannot articulate your vision, your church is not doing a good job of communicating it. Communicating vision or anything of that matter is crucial. Communication is not a new concept for church leaders. This has been an issue for years. Thus the invention of the sacred bulletin. God forbid churches ever get rid of bulletins, but the reason they were created was to improve communication. Bulletins and stage announcements are great for communication, but if you are going to communicate effectively in a digital world, you must … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs An Online Presence

Top 5 Posts of 2013

This is something that I have done the last couple of years, and I figured that I would continue with the tradition. It is always fun for me to look back at the year, and see which posts you read the most. To Clarify, each post mentioned below were written this year. I appreciate all who stop by the blog, and I hope that I can continue to deliver content that you would like to read. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 posts from 2013: 5. Music Review- “We can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus– This was a … Continue reading Top 5 Posts of 2013

A Post to Parents and Student Pastors about bullying

15% of teens have personally experienced online harassment in the past 12 months according to a survey done by Covenant Eyes through their free e-book entitled A Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can occur on sites such as twitter, facebook, and ask.fm. In fact, ask.fm has recently been in the news quite frequently for some cyberbullying instances. Recently, buzz feed wrote an article on September 11th of this year recording 9 teenage suicides that have happened in the last year,¬†all of the ones recorded were linked to ask.fm. One of the reasons it is so easy to become a cyberbully … Continue reading A Post to Parents and Student Pastors about bullying

Top Places our Teens are at Online

With the rise of smart phones among teenagers, we have seen an increase over the last five years in students being online. Students are online regularly communicating with others and surfing the web. Anytime you have a question about something (whatever that may be), you can instantly figure out the answer with a smart phone. Social media has been on the rise as well. About 6-7 years ago, Myspace had this brilliant idea to allow you to connect online. Nearly every teenager was on it. It was considered “the thing” at the time. Then, facebook came along for teenagers, and … Continue reading Top Places our Teens are at Online

Social Media Guidelines for Parents

Students today know nothing but social media. It is honestly a part of who they are. Social media is totally okay, but like everything else, the devil wishes to corrupt it. For parents, monitoring it can be a nightmare. Students have cell phones earlier in life. They have access to their social media accounts all of the time whether that be on their personal computer or their smart phone. So, how can parents avoid the negative effects that social media can have on their student? Participate with them on social media– If your student has a facebook account, you need … Continue reading Social Media Guidelines for Parents

App Review: Instagram

Okay, I am way behind if we are just now reviewing Instagram. I am not going to review instagram as a whole, but I want to look at their recent update. A few weeks ago, Instagram updated their app to allow video. Instagram has grown to be the most popular app on the market for taking photos. This was also the top app for students taking pictures as well. The new Vine app has risen as the top app for videos over the last 6 months. Students everywhere are regularly using Vine to capture short videos. Instagram had to play … Continue reading App Review: Instagram