[Free] Small Group Discipleship Training Videos

One thing that every student ministry wants to do is train leaders! I am learning that as I grow older in my ministry that I am ministering to parents and leaders as much or more than students! It is about partnering with parents, and training your leaders to minister effectively! This area of effectiveness oftenContinue reading “[Free] Small Group Discipleship Training Videos”

7 Ways to connect with your small group students

Do you ever feel like you are not connecting with your small group students? Sometimes, I can hang with some students, and suddenly feel so disconnected to them, and feel that our relationship is not healthy or strong. How can we build stronger relationships and connect more deeply with the students in our small groups?Continue reading “7 Ways to connect with your small group students”

Parent/Leader Luncheon R.S.V.P.

The Grove will be having its first Parent/Leader Luncheon on Sunday afternoon, January 22nd. This is an opportunity for all parents to come and spend some quality time with the small group leaders who their students ¬†are ministered by each week! I think that as a parent, it is important to know personally who isContinue reading “Parent/Leader Luncheon R.S.V.P.”

What are the Purpose of Small Groups?

Small Groups are the most effective form of ministry out there today in my opinion. God is using churches through the area of small groups to challenge and strengthen individuals. I think small groups are the most effective ways to connect, strengthen, and challenge students. We do small groups each week during our Wednesday eveningContinue reading “What are the Purpose of Small Groups?”