10 Ways to Make Your Small Group Effective this Year

I have been a small group leader for years and believe in healthy small groups. I now oversee around 15 small groups for our student ministry. I have seen the ineffectiveness of a small group as well as the effectiveness of a small group. I want to share with you the top 10 ways toContinue reading “10 Ways to Make Your Small Group Effective this Year”

6 Things Every Small Group Leader Must Do

This is not only for our small group volunteers, but every small group leader must do these 6 things to be effective: Be there for the right reasons– Students know if you are there for any other reason than to love them. If you are there watching your own kids, or you feel guilty forContinue reading “6 Things Every Small Group Leader Must Do”

5 Things Every Volunteer Needs from His Youth Pastor

One thing that I am seeking at improving this year is volunteer involvement. I feel like we push student led youth groups so much that volunteers get left in the middle, and feeling a bit disconnected in some ways. Here are 5 things that every volunteer needs from his student pastor that I have learnedContinue reading “5 Things Every Volunteer Needs from His Youth Pastor”

How to Plan a Small Group Leadership Seminar

Recently, we had a leadership seminar with my adult leaders. It was a huge success, and we look forward to doing another one in the future. I want to give you a few thoughts on how to plan an effective leadership seminar for your adult leaders. Schedule a date early– Many adult leaders have families,Continue reading “How to Plan a Small Group Leadership Seminar”

Featured Resource- Transfer Live

Have you ever desired for practical training for your youth leaders to take place, but do not have the budget to take them to some mega conference? I know I have. Training is something that is lacking in our youth leaders. We create these teams of really cool leaders who care for students, but manyContinue reading “Featured Resource- Transfer Live”