3 Things Every Group Leader Needs From Their Groups Pastor

Small group leaders are no different from the rest of us. Somehow we have developed in our minds that those we appoint as small group leaders just automatically grow on their own without needing the discipleship and accountability of a coach, mentor, or a pastor who oversees them. Here is the main idea of thisContinue reading “3 Things Every Group Leader Needs From Their Groups Pastor”

Signs of an Effective Small Group

Can you believe March is already here? It is insane how fast 2014 is flying by. In our student ministry, we begin small groups for the year in August when the school year starts for our students. We then conclude them in May, and do not have small groups over the summer. Throughout the year,Continue reading “Signs of an Effective Small Group”

Thursday Small Group Leader Reminders

Small Group Leaders, I just want all small group leaders to know that you were on my mind this morning (in a non-awkward way) so I figured that I would write a quick post to you. Here are 4 simple things that you must do each week to make sure that your small group hasContinue reading “Thursday Small Group Leader Reminders”

5 Monday Reminders to Small Group Leaders

I believe that small groups are essential and the best way to do effective student ministry in today’s culture. To have an effective small group, you must have an effective small group leader. I would venture to say that the effectiveness of your small group ministry hinges on the small group leaders. You get theContinue reading “5 Monday Reminders to Small Group Leaders”

5 Ways to Show your Students you Love them

I believe that leaders who sign up to be a small group leader do care about their students, but sometimes struggle with showing them that they care. If they did not care at all, they would not be there. So, how can leaders show the students this school year that they care for their students?Continue reading “5 Ways to Show your Students you Love them”