4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

By: Mark Etheridge The teaching ministry of a student pastor is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of student ministry. Not only are student pastors planning events, meeting with students, working with parents and volunteers, or just doing anything else that comes up, most are responsible for teaching the Bible anywhere from 1-3Continue reading “4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series”

Free Thanksgiving Resources from YM360

My friends over at youthministry360 have just launched another round of free resources, just in time for Thanksgiving. They’re giving away 4 different Thanksgiving Bible study lessons, PLUS a set of Thanksgiving games. These resources will help you lead students to reflect on what it means to be thankful as Christ-followers. To download these freeContinue reading “Free Thanksgiving Resources from YM360”

Ways to get students to pay more attention during your sermon

When you speak, you notice so much. I can speak and see students texting, laughing, doodling on paper, and then the ones who are bored out of their mind. We see so much. Well, we can complain about how they are not right with God if they are not willing to pay attention, or weContinue reading “Ways to get students to pay more attention during your sermon”

5 Things about your Sermons

One of the primary responsibilities of being a youth pastor is teaching. We teach a lot, and must develop our speaking. I have grown to love studying and teaching as much now than ever before. I do not consider myself a great speaker, but I am trying to improve my speaking to be the mostContinue reading “5 Things about your Sermons”

[Freebie Friday] Christmas Lesson- Small Things: A Christmas Story

My friends over at YM360 are giving away a free Christmas lesson for youth pastors. It is a great lesson for you to teach a fresh sermon on the Christmas story. I know for me, we have looked at the Christmas story each year, and it is difficult to keep things fresh since our studentsContinue reading “[Freebie Friday] Christmas Lesson- Small Things: A Christmas Story”