4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

By: Mark Etheridge The teaching ministry of a student pastor is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of student ministry. Not only are student pastors planning events, meeting with students, working with parents and volunteers, or just doing anything else that comes up, most are responsible for teaching the Bible anywhere from 1-3Continue reading “4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series”

Free Sermon Series on Technology

Technology is larger than it has ever been! Honestly, what is scary is that it is getting bigger. There is no telling where the tech world will be in 10 years. My friends over at youth ministry media are totally as up to date as they come with technology, and what is new in theContinue reading “Free Sermon Series on Technology”

Freebie Friday: A 6 week lesson on Colossians

Today’s freebie friday comes from my friends over at youthministry360! These guys are great, and are constantly looking at ways to resource and equip student pastors so that they can be more effective in their ministry! They have tons of free resources, but also a lot of resources that are worth checking out for purchaseContinue reading “Freebie Friday: A 6 week lesson on Colossians”

Freebie Friday: Youth Series- Friday Nights

I came across this legit series as well as many other free series through the website, stuff I can use. Stuff I can use has provided a FREE sermon series for your student ministry or college ministry. It is completely free, no strings attached. You can download the 4 week series HERE. The series includes:Continue reading “Freebie Friday: Youth Series- Friday Nights”