Book Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

"If there were a Guinness Book of World Records record for amount of times having asked Jesus into your heart, I'm pretty sure I would hold it. By the time I reached the age of eighteen I had probably asked Jesus in my heart five thousand times." This is an excerpt from Pastor J.D. Greear's … Continue reading Book Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Video to Share the Gospel with Students

Below is a 5 minute video that may help you in sharing the Gospel this Christmas season or anytime with your students. I wish that I had of found it sooner to share it with you. I hope that this helps you in reaching your students:

Our Works VS. Christ Work

One thing that has been on my mind recently has been the thought about "our works vs. Christ work." I have been challenged in my personal relationship with Jesus to focus more on the work that Jesus has done for me, and not on the work that I am trying to do. In our Christian … Continue reading Our Works VS. Christ Work

2 Things I learned from Jamaica Mission trip

As you all know, we went on our Jamaica trip this past week! It was a great week, and really changed my outlook on a lot of things. I wanted to share 2 things that God did in my life this past week in Jamaica: Be intentional- This word has been on my heart more … Continue reading 2 Things I learned from Jamaica Mission trip

Book Review: “New” by Andy Blanks

I recently received a copy of the book, New, by Andy Blanks. This book is a tool that Andy wrote to encourage and disciple new believers. It was published by his ministry, youthministry360. The book is a great read, and an excellent resource to get in the hands of students in your ministry who have … Continue reading Book Review: “New” by Andy Blanks

Bible Study: The Truths about Hell

Luke 16:19-31 This is one of Jesus's most popular parables. It is the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Lazarus was a beggar and the rich man was in fact rich (since that is what the parable calls him). He had money, and he would not give to Lazarus. Lazarus would beg, and the … Continue reading Bible Study: The Truths about Hell