Book Review – More by Todd Wilson

Calling. We all want it, and we all have some form of calling on our life. Everyone’s calling looks a bit different, and it is important that we evaluate how we are currently pursuing the calling that God has placed on our life. In his book More, Todd Wilson unpacks how to identify your personalContinue reading “Book Review – More by Todd Wilson”

10 Books I Plan To Read This Year

Here are 10 of the books that I plan to read this year (outside of seminary required reading). I am sure there will be some additions along the way. Bloodlines by John Piper To live is Christ, to die is gain by Matt Chandler Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick Center Church by Tim KellerContinue reading “10 Books I Plan To Read This Year”

The Blogs I am Viewing the Most Right Now

From time to time, I enjoy sharing what I am reading currently. My feedly consists of nearly 75 different blogs so I have a great list to choose from, but there are always those blogs that I m drawn to the most at certain times. Here are the blogs that I am currently viewing theContinue reading “The Blogs I am Viewing the Most Right Now”

Books I am Reading

Leaders are readers. I believe that. The best leaders are really good readers. So, if you want to be a leader, you ¬†better learn to be a reader. This is something that I am trying to develop in my life, but I will admit, it has been off and on. I go through seasons whereContinue reading “Books I am Reading”

Book Review- “Limitless Life” by Derwin Gray

Derwin Gray is the Pastor of Transformation Church in Charlotte, NC. It is a multi campus mega church. I had heard little about Pastor Derwin Gray, and I also have never heard anything regarding his church. I believe the only thing that I knew of him was his appearance in the evangelism linebacker video. YouContinue reading “Book Review- “Limitless Life” by Derwin Gray”