10 Books Every Pastor Should Read

I came across a survey recently by the Barna research group. The survey consisted of several stats regarding pastors and the books that they read and purchase. On average, pastors purchase 45 different titles a year. That is considerably more than the average reader across the board. This statistic got me thinking about books and reading. So, if you are a reader, this post is for you. If you are a pastor and not a big reader, I encourage you to begin reading. Reading is essential to good leadership. Here are the top 10 books that I would recommend for … Continue reading 10 Books Every Pastor Should Read

5 Things about your Sermons

One of the primary responsibilities of being a youth pastor is teaching. We teach a lot, and must develop our speaking. I have grown to love studying and teaching as much now than ever before. I do not consider myself a great speaker, but I am trying to improve my speaking to be the most effective for the Gospel’s sake that I possibly can be.   Here are 5 things that I am learning about the sermons that I preach:    Your sermons must be Passionate– Are you passionate about what you are speaking about? If not, do not expect … Continue reading 5 Things about your Sermons

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Lose a Teen’s attention

Quick post—the top ten ways to completely bore and disconnect with those you teach: 1. Say something not worth hearing—This is basic, but if you want people to listen, start by saying something worth hearing. The number one reason we lose the attention of those we teach is that we’re not convincing them that what we have to say is important. Since there is nothing more important than teaching young people God’s Word, we’d better make it worth hearing. 2. Say something with no passion—Have you ever heard someone teach with no voice inflection, no dynamic—nothing but monotone droning. It’s miserably … Continue reading Guest Post: 10 Ways to Lose a Teen’s attention

7 major topics you should preach on each year in student ministry

I love the book, “the 7 checkpoints” by Andy Stanley. Andy is the lead pastor of North Point Community Church in Georgia. This is an excellent book that challenged me. It helped me and gave me some of my philosophy in our student ministry. He challenges us on 7 major things, and I have taken this, and applied it to our student ministry, well, some of it. Here are 5 things that I try to preach on each year in our student ministry. Obviously, I preach on many other things throughout the year, but I try to speak on these topics each … Continue reading 7 major topics you should preach on each year in student ministry

How Do I prepare a Sermon

Sermon Central is a great resource that I use regularly. They provide a collection of sermons, illustrations, visuals, and videos that can be a major help to you for your sermon prep. They also send out blogs regularly. Recently I came across a blog entitled, “How Mark Driscoll prepares his sermons.” This caught my eye quick, because I like Mark Driscoll and I like preaching. So, I read it, and it brought about some great thoughts. You can read the blog here. It gave me the topic for my next blog post and here it is. How do I prepare … Continue reading How Do I prepare a Sermon