5 Ways To Protect Your Integrity As A Leader

Character matters. I think we would all agree. In fact, I would argue that it matters more today than ever before. Don’t believe me: look at politics. Look at several stories of leaders in the evangelical circle who lacked integrity. The sad thing is that I could write far too many stories about leaders within the church, our political system, or sports who had a much different private life than people saw in their public life. It is a shame when people are more surprised by an act of integrity than a lack of integrity. It is sad when scandals … Continue reading 5 Ways To Protect Your Integrity As A Leader

Book Review: Onward by Russell Moore

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, offers an intelligent approach to engaging culture without losing the Gospel in his new book entitled, Onward. In his book, Moore suggests engaging culture in an entirely different way than many Christians interpret their relationship with culture. He calls his way engaged alienation. His “engaged alienation” offers a completely different approach that might surprise many by his interesting suggestions. Moore summarizes his top objectives and beliefs about engaging culture into several topics. Human dignity, religious liberty, family stability, and convictional kindness are his major themes … Continue reading Book Review: Onward by Russell Moore

How to Handle Controversial Debates as Believers

I had the opportunity of writing a guest post on the subject, “How to Handle Controversial Debates as Believers” for “Called to Youth Ministry.” I really appreciate the opportunity to write about this topic, and wanted to share some of the article here: Recently, many heated debates have come up in our society that has been very intriguing to me. Whether it be the close election that we just voted on, or the controversy of Chick Fil A and the issue of gay marriage, or the never-ending debate of abortion. All of these controversial debates have brought up many questions … Continue reading How to Handle Controversial Debates as Believers

The Presidential Election and Student Ministry

As you know tomorrow is election day! It is the biggest day in our country for sure, because what happens tomorrow will affect the future of our country. Now, how does this come into play with our student ministry and our church? How do we teach our students about politics and the election? I want to give you just a few thoughts about the election today that may help you address it in your church and student ministry. Politics will not save our country– Now, politics and who gets elected can change some of the direction of where our country … Continue reading The Presidential Election and Student Ministry

Pastor Bob Ritter on Hannity

Pastor Bob Ritter is the Pastor of Eastside Baptist Church in Nebo, NC. Pastor Bob is a great friend of mine. I knew him while he was the youth pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, AR. He grew that ¬†youth ministry from 70 students to well over 200 when he left. The Lord led him to the small area, Nebo, NC to be the pastor of Eastside Baptist Church. The church has experienced incredible amounts of numerical growth and Spiritual growth since he has been there. Recently, President Obama was in the Asheville, NC area, and Pastor … Continue reading Pastor Bob Ritter on Hannity