Podcasts Every Church Leader Should Listen To

Leaders never stop learning. There are so many great ways to grow as a leader. One way is through listening to a proven leader and their podcast. I love listening to podcasts. They really help develop my leadership. I wanted to quickly share a few podcast that every church leader should be listening to onContinue reading “Podcasts Every Church Leader Should Listen To”

Terrace Crawford New Podcast is Live

PODCAST is LIVE:  The podcast will be available online at www.terracecrawford.com/blog, via iTunes, and at www.ThisWeekinYM.com!  Every Thursday there will be a new episode. PREMIERE EPISODE: This Week in Youth Ministry – Episode 1: How to Jump Start Your Parent Ministry, featuring Jeremy Lee, the founder of ParentMinistry.net.  Plus+ Tony Nolan, speaker on the WinterJam Tour, drops byContinue reading “Terrace Crawford New Podcast is Live”

“This Week in Youth Ministry” – New Podcast Launches Thursday

My friend, Terrace Crawford is one of the best in the business when it comes to training those in youth ministry! He is still doing some awesome stuff and I want to share with you the newest awesome thing that Terrace has done. Terrace is launching a youth ministry podcast. The podcast will be entitledContinue reading ““This Week in Youth Ministry” – New Podcast Launches Thursday”

4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Leader

I take personal growth in leadership very seriously. Maybe it is because, I look at the students, and part of leadership is duplicating yourself as you duplicate Jesus! I look at our student ministry, and I feel for our ministry to grow, it starts with me as the leader. I want to give you 3Continue reading “4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Leader”

The Youth Ministry Oddcast (@ymOddCast)

Here is a quick resource that I want to share with you. I actually found out about this resource today (late this afternoon). The resource is a youth ministry podcast called: “The Youth Ministry Oddcast.” I am down with listening to podcast so I figured a youth ministry podcast, I will check it out. So,Continue reading “The Youth Ministry Oddcast (@ymOddCast)”