3 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

Burnout happens….a lot! You would be surprised the number of pastors and church leaders who are burnt out with ministry. For some, this is an internal thing where they have to fake enjoying church. For others, they quit and leave the ministry. I want to give you three simple ways to avoid burnout in your ministry. When you get home from work, be home! Obviously you are there physically, but many pastors and church leaders rarely are at home mentally. For example, I have been a student pastor for the past 7 years and students/parents/leaders can text you all of … Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

5 Essentials to Launching a Second Campus

As many of you know, my family up and moved from North Carolina 3 months ago to be a part of launching a satellite campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. You can read about the adventure and decision of going here. Well, we launched this past weekend, and it was a learning experience. This was the first time that Trinity had done this, that I or the campus pastor had been a part of this. So, it was new. Needless to say, we have learned….A LOT! I want to share with you a few essentials to having a … Continue reading 5 Essentials to Launching a Second Campus

4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

By: Mark Etheridge The teaching ministry of a student pastor is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of student ministry. Not only are student pastors planning events, meeting with students, working with parents and volunteers, or just doing anything else that comes up, most are responsible for teaching the Bible anywhere from 1-3 times a week. It becomes easy to neglect this ministry, or take shortcuts because it consumes time and energy, but this does not negate the responsibility God has called us to faithfully teach God’s Word to God’s students. With this, I believe one of the … Continue reading 4 Steps For Planning A Student Ministry Teaching Series

Ways to Engage Young People in the Local Church

One major mistake churches make is not engaging the youth. This is one of the reasons college students are leaving the church. They do not feel engaged and involved in the ministry of the entire church. I think we recognize this truth, but we rarely discuss and write about how to change this. If your church is struggling to engage the young people of your church, this blog is for you. I want to share a few tips on how to engage the young people in your church. Create a regular youth service – This worked at a church that … Continue reading Ways to Engage Young People in the Local Church

Signs of a Declining Church

Sometimes in church life, decline is not a topic of discussion that pastors or even church members want to discuss. It adds a dark feeling to the conversation, because decline is not the intent or desire of any member or church leader. No one wakes up each day stating “I love that my church is declining. I cannot wait to discuss the decline of our church with other people.” This is not the intent of any church leader or member which is why I believe many churches are unaware that they are in decline. If you are unsure where your … Continue reading Signs of a Declining Church

3 Ways to Minimize Burnout in Ministry

By: Andrew Hale The statistics are clear – churches are closing their doors and ministers are being sidelined at an overwhelming pace. Ministry can be frustrating and tends to wear on the mind and body. Once this feeling of failure begins to overwhelm, the end result of burnout is sure to follow. Burnout comes from a variety of sources, many of which are avoidable. Whether you are new to ministry or you have been serving for years, you have to make effective adjustments in your walk to minimize the risk of burning out. There are many ways to strengthen your … Continue reading 3 Ways to Minimize Burnout in Ministry