5 Practices Of Healthy Leaders

Have you ever wondered how high capacity leaders got to where they are? I mean did it just happen overnight, was it a natural God given talent, or did they have to work to get to where they are? From my perspective, I believe that high capacity leaders have habits that they do which has … Continue reading 5 Practices Of Healthy Leaders

3 Benefits to Building Leaders instead of Buying Leaders

Every growing church must ask themselves as they expand: Should we hire from the outside or the inside? I believe that in many cases, building is better than buying. In other words, hire and develop within your church rather than hiring outside of your church. Now, some positions are entirely fine for hiring, but I … Continue reading 3 Benefits to Building Leaders instead of Buying Leaders

Why your Church Plant Should Consider Starting in a Portable Facility

One of the biggest questions that church planters must ask is should they go permanent or portable with their facility. Hopefully in this post, I can give you some insight on the positives of portable churches.

5 Reasons Some Churches Don’t Grow

Every pastor wants their church to grow. No pastor sits around desiring for his church to stay exactly where it is and never grow. Now before we go further, I am criticizing small churches. I love small churches. As I have talked with small church pastors, they all want their church to grow though. The … Continue reading 5 Reasons Some Churches Don’t Grow

3 Things Pastors Need in Their Personal Lives

As I write this, my heart is heavy. My heart is broken for Perry Noble and Newspring Church. If you have not heard yet, you will soon- Perry Noble was removed from the senior pastor position at the church that he started nearly 20 years ago, NewSpring Church. He was removed because of an abuse … Continue reading 3 Things Pastors Need in Their Personal Lives

Terrace Crawford New Podcast is Live

PODCAST is LIVE:  The podcast will be available online at www.terracecrawford.com/blog, via iTunes, and at www.ThisWeekinYM.com!  Every Thursday there will be a new episode. PREMIERE EPISODE: This Week in Youth Ministry - Episode 1: How to Jump Start Your Parent Ministry, featuring Jeremy Lee, the founder of ParentMinistry.net.  Plus+ Tony Nolan, speaker on the WinterJam Tour, drops by … Continue reading Terrace Crawford New Podcast is Live

ICYMI – February 20, 2015

If you are like me, there are so many good articles and posts around the internet every week that it becomes difficult to keep up with all of them. “In case you missed it” is my way of pointing out a few good reads  that are too good to overlook. This list will compile the … Continue reading ICYMI – February 20, 2015