Free Ebook for Parents- “When your Child is Looking at Porn”

As a parent, one of the scariest things you hope to never face is finding out that your teenager is looking at porn. It is an awkward, scary, and disgusting conversation that you will probably have to endeavor into at some point with your teenager. 90% of boys and 70% of girls between the ages of 13 and 14 agreed to have accessed porn in the last year. Covenant Eyes has decided to come alongside you with this difficult conversation. Remember that many parents have been down this road. When Your Child is Looking at Porn is a step-by-step conversation guide. … Continue reading Free Ebook for Parents- “When your Child is Looking at Porn”

Free Parent Guide to Cyberbullying

One issue that is prevalent in today’s youth culture is the issue of cyberbullying. There has always been bullies. When I was growing up, there were bullies in our school. The bullies are not new, the means to bullying are new. For instance, on sites such as, you can anonymously ask bullying questions. Many times, you can make statements on there that is bullying. The best part for teenagers is that they can remain anonymous. I have come across statements such as this: * Who is the ugliest girl in your class * What are the top 10 prettiest … Continue reading Free Parent Guide to Cyberbullying

A Post to Parents and Student Pastors about bullying

15% of teens have personally experienced online harassment in the past 12 months according to a survey done by Covenant Eyes through their free e-book entitled A Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can occur on sites such as twitter, facebook, and In fact, has recently been in the news quite frequently for some cyberbullying instances. Recently, buzz feed wrote an article on September 11th of this year recording 9 teenage suicides that have happened in the last year, all of the ones recorded were linked to One of the reasons it is so easy to become a cyberbully … Continue reading A Post to Parents and Student Pastors about bullying

Top Places our Teens are at Online

With the rise of smart phones among teenagers, we have seen an increase over the last five years in students being online. Students are online regularly communicating with others and surfing the web. Anytime you have a question about something (whatever that may be), you can instantly figure out the answer with a smart phone. Social media has been on the rise as well. About 6-7 years ago, Myspace had this brilliant idea to allow you to connect online. Nearly every teenager was on it. It was considered “the thing” at the time. Then, facebook came along for teenagers, and … Continue reading Top Places our Teens are at Online

Parenting Review: Grand Theft Auto V

If you have a teenager in your house who enjoys video games, you know that this was a HUGE week in the gaming business. On Tuesday (September 17), Rockstar games released “Grand Theft Auto V.” This has been a desired game for some time, and the release date had many on the edge of their seat. The game made over $800 million in its first day on the market. This mark destroyed the recent top sales from “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” that made $500 million on its first day. This game is popular, and the top video game … Continue reading Parenting Review: Grand Theft Auto V

5 Reminders for Parents

Parents, we are getting deep into the school year, and I wanted to give you a few reminders today to challenge but also encourage you as your parent your kids. Discipline is an act of love– I was reluctant to put this one on this list, but it is important. Kids do not like correction. Honestly, adults do not like correction. We actually despise it. That is normal, but we have to understand that discipline and correction is an act of love. If you look at the way that God parents us as His children, He has to discipline us … Continue reading 5 Reminders for Parents

5 Objectives as Parents

My daughter turned two this summer. I cannot believe how time flies. I was told when she was born that she would grow up before I know it, and I thought people were crazy, and that was just some “parenting cliche” that people used, but now I am starting to really feel how time flies. We just found out that my wife will be having baby #2 in March. So, I am just getting rolling into this how parenting stage, and now will soon be the parent of 2 kids. That is a scary thought, but I am excited about … Continue reading 5 Objectives as Parents