5 Objectives as Parents

My daughter turned two this summer. I cannot believe how time flies. I was told when she was born that she would grow up before I know it, and I thought people were crazy, and that was just some “parenting cliche” that people used, but now I am starting to really feel how time flies. We just found out that my wife will be having baby #2 in March. So, I am just getting rolling into this how parenting stage, and now will soon be the parent of 2 kids. That is a scary thought, but I am excited about … Continue reading 5 Objectives as Parents

5 “Old Fashioned” parenting tips it wouldnt hurt to get back too

As society changes, many things change. Culture changes, the church and its methods change, styles change, fads change, and one thing that does change is the way the majority of the parent’s parent their teenager. Parents seem to go through cycles just like culture, and they change and adapt to the culture. I want to give you a few “old-fashioned” parenting tips today that I think it would not hurt if we went back too. I was parented in a very conservative old-fashioned way, and many other families held to some of these principles, and I want to give you … Continue reading 5 “Old Fashioned” parenting tips it wouldnt hurt to get back too