Social Media Guidelines for Parents

Students today know nothing but social media. It is honestly a part of who they are. Social media is totally okay, but like everything else, the devil wishes to corrupt it. For parents, monitoring it can be a nightmare. Students have cell phones earlier in life. They have access to their social media accounts all of the time whether that be on their personal computer or their smart phone. So, how can parents avoid the negative effects that social media can have on their student? Participate with them on social media– If your student has a facebook account, you need … Continue reading Social Media Guidelines for Parents

5 Objectives as Parents

My daughter turned two this summer. I cannot believe how time flies. I was told when she was born that she would grow up before I know it, and I thought people were crazy, and that was just some “parenting cliche” that people used, but now I am starting to really feel how time flies. We just found out that my wife will be having baby #2 in March. So, I am just getting rolling into this how parenting stage, and now will soon be the parent of 2 kids. That is a scary thought, but I am excited about … Continue reading 5 Objectives as Parents