Practical Ways to Connect with Parents in Student Ministry

By: Mark Etheridge The more I’m a part of student ministry; the more I realize the need to connect with the parents of my students. The emphasis on working with parents in student ministry is a recent trend, and I believe it is both healthy and biblical. When it comes to parent ministry, I believe there are two major objectives: Informing and Equipping. But then question that arises, “What does this look like in actual ministry?” This is a question I’ve wrestled with as a student pastor, and I would like to provide a few ways to help you connect … Continue reading Practical Ways to Connect with Parents in Student Ministry

What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

One idea of ministry that many student ministries seem to be going for is “family ministry.” I have seen many churches hiring “family pastors.” It is becoming a trend. I think that it is a very good trend. This is a little bit of a different concept that our church is accustomed to. We have sought to change things just a bit to move in this direction. For years, student ministry has become a baby sitting service, and parents are relying on the youth leaders to grow their children into becoming a follower of Jesus. This is not how God … Continue reading What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

Books to Recommend to Parents

    Parents, here are a few books that I would recommend for you on ministering more effectively to your student:       Passionate Parenting by Cary Schmidt A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Sex and Dating by Mark Oestreicher A parent’s Guide to helping teenagers in Crisis by Rich Van Pelt 99 Thoughts for Parents by Walt Mueller How your Teenager is Wired by Katie Brazelton Parenting beyond your Capacity by Reggie Joiner A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Brains by Mark Oestreicher Continue reading Books to Recommend to Parents

Free Webinar: Inside the Teenage Brain

I have taken a bit of a break with blogging. I have not blogged all week which is unusual for me. I have totally forgotten to share with you the free webinar that my friend, Jeremy, is sponsoring. Jeremy works over at which is becoming a hub for parents of teenagers to go and get training on dealing with their teenagers. Jeremy has Mark Oestreicher speaking today about the teenage brain. This should provide helpful insight on how teens think to help us address and disciple them. It is today so register now. Continue reading Free Webinar: Inside the Teenage Brain

Ministering to Parents Webinar with Jim Burns is offering a FREE webinar to help assist student pastors in ministering with parents on January 24th at 10:00 am. The webinar will be completely free and hosted by Parent Ministry. The speaker for the webinar is Jim Burns. This is a great offer that you will want to be a part of. You can register here, and you do not even have to be a member of Parent Ministry! Register today, registration is limited! Continue reading Ministering to Parents Webinar with Jim Burns