3 Thoughts about Sharing your Story

Sharing your story is important. Some of you who grew up in a more traditional culture probably refer to this as sharing your testimony. If you look at Scripture, you find many stories of ordinary people who were used in amazing ways by God. Their stories live on a thousand years later. Every person has a story, and we must share our story, and there is a good chance it influences the people who hear it. Since coming to Jacksonville, I have given a couple of opportunities to share my story. Here are a few thoughts on sharing your story: … Continue reading 3 Thoughts about Sharing your Story

How To Create A Youth Ministry Outreach Strategy

Check out this guest post from my friend, Jeremy Zach on creating a youth ministry outreach strategy: “It doesn’t take a Bible scholar to conclude we need outreach in our youth ministries, but the looming question of:  How do we do it?  still remains.  Remember Youth Outreach in a church setting means we are a witness and we build relationships so we have the right to be heard. First, we need to internalize these five points. 1.  God focuses on individuals.  God care about our wanderings. 2.  God is the patient in our wanderings.  3-year-old kids wonder to lostness.  Our God allows … Continue reading How To Create A Youth Ministry Outreach Strategy