Financial Freedom

By: Andrew Hale How good are you at budgeting? Let me ask it this way. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being a bankrupt pro-athlete and 10 being Dave Ramsey, Jr.), where do you land? In 2015, I would have rated myself a “6” or “7.” My wife and I are both fairly frugal—we don’t tend to waste money or spend frivolously. We have savings goals and we reject the notion of debt unless absolutely necessary. We’re on track and living in financial freedom, right? So I get paid every week. With each check, I would give our … Continue reading Financial Freedom

Book Review: “How to be Rich” by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley’s newest book is interesting. In fact, it is intriguing and makes you want to read it. After all, everyone wants money. We all need money to survive in today’s world so the book title “How to be Rich” is compelling to us. I was a bit surprised when I saw the book that Andy Stanley would write a book about becoming rich, but as you go through the pages of the book, the overwhelming theme is not on how to make more money, it is about what you are doing with the money that you already have. The … Continue reading Book Review: “How to be Rich” by Andy Stanley

Lessons Learned About Student Ministry Budgets

One of the most difficult things that I have had to learn in ministry is BUDGETS. I am not necessarily bad with money personally, but I just spend, and do not really keep track. My wife takes care of all of that for us, and so I have had to learn some about budgets in our student ministry. Here is what I have I learned so far about budgets: Always budget more than needed– When I itemize our student ministry budget, I usually put a miscellaneous item under many of the events, because in my years of ministry, I have learned expenses that … Continue reading Lessons Learned About Student Ministry Budgets

Student Ministry Fund Raiser Ideas

The economy is as bad as it has ever been, and this is affecting ministry. Parents struggle to send students to camp, all nighters, conferences, and other random stuff that student ministry brings. They desire to send their students, but can they afford it? This is where fund raisers come in. Fund raising used to have this dark cloud over it, but now, it is essential in my opinion to help your families be more involved in your student ministry. Here are a few fund raiser ideas for you: Teen Cafe– This is something that we have done in the … Continue reading Student Ministry Fund Raiser Ideas