[Freebie Friday] 4 week Jr high sermon series

Today’s freebie is given to you by Tim Schmoyer. Tim shares some great stuff on his site, and this is a great series that he found designed specifically for jr high. Here is a bit about the series: “Three youth workers collaborated together to create this 4-week youth group lesson series for jr. high students titled, “Once Upon A Time.” It’s a teaching series based 4 key passages in Genesis: Creation, The Fall, The Flood, and The Call of Abraham. The series covers a lot of great applications points for jr. high students, but overall it asks how the story … Continue reading [Freebie Friday] 4 week Jr high sermon series

[Poll] Do you split Jr/Sr in your student ministry?

I have been battling the idea of splitting up our junior high and our senior high ministry. They are so drastically different in what they face, in their personality, and in their thinking that it could be a positive thing to split. However, we have seen our largest attendance during our Wednesday night program as of late, and that is combined Jr/Sr. I want some input. Please explain your answer in the comment box below? [Question: What are some advantages and disadvantages of your answer?] Continue reading [Poll] Do you split Jr/Sr in your student ministry?

Thoughts on Middle School Youth Ministry

Middle school ministry can be a very trying time for a leader. Sometimes working with middle schoolers, you wonder if anything you are doing is effective. Recently, we started taking a group of students on Wednesday’s to McDonald’s before our student ministry service. It was a small group of middle schoolers, and it slowly grew and grew! It brought up some thoughts about middle school ministry that I wanted to share with you: Not everyone is cut out for middle school ministry– Do not just throw someone into work with 7th graders. We have been guilty of this, and it … Continue reading Thoughts on Middle School Youth Ministry