10 Ways to keep Youth Leaders Long Term

Youth leaders are vital to the success of your ministry. We all would admit that we cannot build a healthy student ministry without leaders! We all need leaders and volunteers no matter what size student ministry you may have. Here are my thoughts on ways to keep your youth workers on board with your visionContinue reading “10 Ways to keep Youth Leaders Long Term”

12 Things A Leader Simply CANNOT Do

Once again, Perry Noble blew me away with his leadership thoughts today! He writes in such a direct and practical way. I try and read all of his stuff on leadership. He pastors a multi site campus church! Here is his latest post: “12 Things A Leader Simply CANNOT Do:” #1 – You Cannot MakeContinue reading “12 Things A Leader Simply CANNOT Do”

How to Train Leaders online

Youth Media Ministry is an awesome resource. I came across the resource recently, and it blew me away. I have been able to use several of their resources in our group and our church. Also, they have some incredible practical posts that are helpful and resourceful. They think outside of the box, which I love.Continue reading “How to Train Leaders online”

How to Avoid burn out in ministry

Burn out is very common in ministry. I get into the office at 8 am and leave anywhere from 4-6 pm. Then, we have youth events, games, random teens show up at my house, phone calls, texting, etc. Now, I am going to give you guys a few things that come to my mind aside fromContinue reading “How to Avoid burn out in ministry”