[Freebie Friday] Youth Leader Training Resources

My friends over at youthmin.org have provided great free resources for you to use in your student ministry. As we have come through summer and have kicked off the new school year, a new year of student ministry has kicked off! With this comes youth leader training! Do you ever wonder about material to trainContinue reading “[Freebie Friday] Youth Leader Training Resources”

[Free] Small Group Discipleship Training Videos

One thing that every student ministry wants to do is train leaders! I am learning that as I grow older in my ministry that I am ministering to parents and leaders as much or more than students! It is about partnering with parents, and training your leaders to minister effectively! This area of effectiveness oftenContinue reading “[Free] Small Group Discipleship Training Videos”

Freebie Friday: Student Ministry Volunteer Handbook Training Manual

Recently, Josh Robinson who is the student pastor at, “The church at the Springs” shared a great student ministry volunteer handbook training manual that they use in their student ministry. It is an awesome handbook training manual. It is one of the best, and I am going to derive ideas and create one similar forContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Student Ministry Volunteer Handbook Training Manual”