4 Tips For Making Multi-Site Work

In 2014, our church launched its second location. Our church has been in the city of Jacksonville for over 100 years, and we have always had a vision of reaching the entire city. We felt that in order to continue with the vision of reaching our city in the modern church context, we must embrace multi site church. So, we set out on this journey and launched a campus about 15 miles away in a growing part of our city. The campus would start in a portable facility, an elementary school. We are four years in and preparing to launch … Continue reading 4 Tips For Making Multi-Site Work

3 Ideas For Developing a Leadership Pipeline In Your Church

You know, I have never met a pastor who does not want their church to grow. All pastors desire for their church to grow (at least I hope they do). In order to grow and have sustainable growth, you must develop a culture of leadership in your church. You cannot simply do everything yourself and grow. Sure doing everything yourself may grow your church to 200, but I doubt you get beyond that without developing leaders around you. The question that has boggled my mind lately though is this: If leadership development is so important, why are churches not better … Continue reading 3 Ideas For Developing a Leadership Pipeline In Your Church

Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Have you ever hit a wall in your volunteer numbers? You grew the amount of people engaged through serving and then eventually you hit a wall and could not grow it further with your current structure in place. There are seasons you go through where your volunteer engagement is much higher than other seasons. It is just the nature of church life. Oftentimes, our strategy of growing the volunteer number is based on opportunity. This is a nice strategy but it should not be your end game. For example, when we moved from one service to two services, we had … Continue reading Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team