Poll: Do you do Family Devotions with your Kids/Teens

I want to poll all parents to find out if they do family devotions with their kids. If you do family devotions, would you mind sharing below in the comment section to let us know what curriculum, devotional book, or series you go through with your kids?

Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry

I received an email this morning from “life in student ministry” about the free D6 vids this weekend only, and I began to watch them. It was encouraging, and I felt that I needed to share some of this resource with you today. For this weekend only, the D6 Conference leaders are giving away 4 video sessionsContinue reading “Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry”

Book Review: Connecting Church and Home by Dr. Tim Kimmel

Let me just say by way of introduction that Dr. Kimmel nails it in this book. I received this book anticipating the read like few books other. This book, I believe has many answers to effective family ministry within the local church. We live in a culture where churches are busy with overwhelmed families, andContinue reading “Book Review: Connecting Church and Home by Dr. Tim Kimmel”

Ways to Connect the Home and the Youth Ministry

  I shared a recent post on this subject, but I want to share some more thoughts and ideas that may help youth pastors really engage the home into the student ministry. I say to our leaders and parents all of the time, “partner, partner, partner.” This is a motto for us, and we try to makeContinue reading “Ways to Connect the Home and the Youth Ministry”

Resources for Parents

One thing that our student ministry has done over the past year is increase the resources that we are sharing with the parents of our students. We try to share a new blog post or resource each week with them as well as share something that can be beneficial for them to use in being an effectiveContinue reading “Resources for Parents”