Pride Vs. Humility

By: Andrew Hale Pride is evil. Pride causes you to think more of yourself than you should, and consequently causes you to think less of others. Pride is the original sin of Satan and ultimately the root of Adam and Eve’s sin. At best, pride will distract you from what is most important and at worst, it can wreck your ministry. As ministers, we must flee from pride. (I know you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard that sermon before.”) So the opposite of pride is humility, right? Wrong. Too often we recognize a hint of pride in our life and … Continue reading Pride Vs. Humility

Learning to be Humble

Have you ever heard the acrostic for Joy. Jesus, others, yourself. I remember my parents drilling that into my mind growing up. I remember the teachers at my Christian school would do it as well. There is a lot of truth to that acrostic, but I feel we are not living like it. I feel if we were asked to admit that this is the way it should be, we would all agree, “Yes,” but are our attitude, decisions, and actions backing up what we believe. Remember how you behave determines how you believe. The culture and heartbeat of our … Continue reading Learning to be Humble