The 2013 VMA’s- Review

This is the only time that I tune in to watch MTV. The VMAs (Video Music Awards) is one of the biggest shows a year. MTV rolls out some of the biggest names out there in the music industry to perform and announce awards. One reason why I tune in is that millions (literally) of teenagers will tune in to check out the VMAs. It is a perfect look into youth culture at its best. Like it or not, this is where our teenagers are being influenced at. These are the stars that are on our teen’s phones and ipods. … Continue reading The 2013 VMA’s- Review

Thoughts on Colton Dixon

If you have been keeping up with the entertainment industry recently, you will know the name, Colton Dixon! Colton was the most recent contestant to be kicked off of American Idol. Now, before I go any further, I am not a huge fan of the show. I actually have not seen any episodes this entire season. I have lost interest in the show over the last few years. Anyway, my wife occasionally watches the show, and she had it on last Thursday! She mentioned that this kid Colton was a believer. Well, for a student pastor, that interested me so … Continue reading Thoughts on Colton Dixon