Why Grad School Is Important In Ministry

By: Andrew Hale To study or not to study? Completing formal seminary training is one of the constant pressures on the priority list of pastors today. Is it worth the money, time and effort? Can’t I just study theology on my own? I’m sure you can find many Godly, successful pastors who have never attendedContinue reading “Why Grad School Is Important In Ministry”

Guest Post: Why Young Adult (College) Ministry

Below is a guest post from David Sheldon on “Why young adult ministry?” Its Sunday morning, you have just arrived at church and are now seated in the sanctuary, and you begin to look around at all the people. You see a lot of people talking and having a great time but you begin toContinue reading “Guest Post: Why Young Adult (College) Ministry”

Guest Post by Josh Griffin: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Below is an original guest post from my friend, Josh Griffin. “These were some of the most powerful words ever said to me. It came at a time when I was looking around in frustration at my ministry, my eyes were wandering for more and I was always wishing for a bigger crowd in aContinue reading “Guest Post by Josh Griffin: Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Reasons You Should Do See You At The Pole

Check out this sweet guest post from Colton Harker about “See you at the Pole.” “As some of you know, this Wednesday was the annual event, See You at the Pole. SYATP (See You at the Pole) is a national day of prayer, where students come to school early to pray and worship together atContinue reading “Reasons You Should Do See You At The Pole”

Guest Post: 3 Ways Youth Pastors Can Get Refreshed

Burnout is no good. We’ve all been there at one point or another, and it’s no fun. Maybe you’re there right now? Worn out, just-gotta-survive, doing ministry because that’s what needs to get done that week? Doing ministry out of an overflowing heart rocks. I hope you’ve been there, too. That place where you honestlyContinue reading “Guest Post: 3 Ways Youth Pastors Can Get Refreshed”