[Freebie Friday] Real Freedom- July 4th Lesson

Our Weekly Friday comes today from LeaderTreks. They recently published a free youth group lesson that fits perfectly with July 4th. The lesson is about freedom, and how America received freedom. Then, it changes gears into discussing our freedom in Christ. I checked out the link, and it is great. It comes with an outlineContinue reading “[Freebie Friday] Real Freedom- July 4th Lesson”

The Point of Christianity

Paul had enough morality to keep him out of trouble, but not enough righteousness to get him into Heaven. He was a Pharisee and knew the Law as much as anyone. Paul seemed fine outwardly, but there was nothing inwardly. “Don’t fall in love with the performance or the practice of Christianity, but fall in loveContinue reading “The Point of Christianity”

7 Tips for following up with visitors

One thing that a growing ministry must be doing well is follow up. How in the world do we follow-up with visitors that attend our student ministry? This past year, I challenged our group to get involved in inviting other students to come. It is easy to get in the routine of who you have,Continue reading “7 Tips for following up with visitors”

Bible Study: The Truths about Hell

Luke 16:19-31 This is one of Jesus’s most popular parables. It is the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Lazarus was a beggar and the rich man was in fact rich (since that is what the parable calls him). He had money, and he would not give to Lazarus. Lazarus would beg, and theContinue reading “Bible Study: The Truths about Hell”

Bible Study: The Great White Throne Judgment

Revelation 20:11-15: Here we have John writing while on the Isle of Patmos. He is writing about the visions that God has shown him. Here, he gets an incredible glimpse of the Great White Throne judgment. Now, the Bible speaks of two specific judgments. The Judgment seat of Christ. This is where the saved areContinue reading “Bible Study: The Great White Throne Judgment”